Library to generate & parse text format protobufs in C.
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Functions to generate text format proto bufs
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static char * esc_str (char *src, int len, ProtobufCAllocator *allocator)
 Escape string. More...
static void protobuf_c_text_to_string_internal (ReturnString *rs, int level, ProtobufCMessage *m, const ProtobufCMessageDescriptor *d, ProtobufCAllocator *allocator)
 Internal function to back API function. More...

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static char* esc_str ( char *  src,
int  len,
ProtobufCAllocator *  allocator 

Escape string.

Add escape characters to strings for problematic characters.

[in]srcThe unescaped string to process.
[in]lenLength of src. Note that src might have ASCII NULs so strlen() isn't good enough here.
[in]allocatorallocator functions.
The fully escaped string, or NULL if there has been an allocation error.

Definition at line 105 of file generate.c.

References PBC_ALLOC.

Referenced by protobuf_c_text_to_string_internal().

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static void protobuf_c_text_to_string_internal ( ReturnString rs,
int  level,
ProtobufCMessage *  m,
const ProtobufCMessageDescriptor *  d,
ProtobufCAllocator *  allocator 

Internal function to back API function.

Has a few extra params to better enable recursion. This function gets called for each nested message as the ProtobufCMessage struct is traversed.

[in,out]rsThe string being built up for the text format protobuf.
[in]levelIndent level - increments in 2's.
[in]mThe ProtobufCMessage being serialised.
[in]dThe descriptor for the ProtobufCMessage.
[in]allocatorallocator functions.

Definition at line 176 of file generate.c.

References esc_str(), ReturnString::malloc_err, PBC_FREE, rs_append(), ReturnString::s, and STRUCT_MEMBER.

Referenced by protobuf_c_text_to_string().

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function: